Hospitals and Institutions

The sole purpose of a Hospitals and Institutions Committee is to carry the message of Cocaine Anonymous to those in Hospitals and Institutions.

Hospitals or Institutions served may include, but are not limited to, correctional facilities, sanitariums, Detox units, juvenile detention centers, half-way houses and shelters; either governmental or private.

There is a distinct difference between H&I meetings and regular CA Meetings. H&I meetings are often restricted to patients or residents only, and not open to the community as a whole. These meetings are brought into Facilities by local CA members through the H&I Committee.

H&I Meetings are basically beginners meetings; with the chairperson of each meeting providing the speakers. They are not usually listed in the area or world directory; and they do not observe the 7th Tradition.

Certain Facilities may require H&I participants to be subject to sobriety requirements, and dress and conduct codes.

**Cocaine Anonymous is not affiliated with any of these facilities in any way whatsoever. We simply bring autonomous CA H&I meetings into these facilities to carry the message to the addict who still suffers.

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Please call one of our trusted servants if you are interested in being part of the Hospitals and Institutions committee.


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